Happy New Year and Welcome the 2017 Garden!

2017 Garden

It’s officially 2017! Another year gone and I really don’t know where it went! 2016 flew past me in whirl of exams, moving and weddings and although it wasn’t my most productive in the garden, it was definitely one of the best years. I know I’m a little late with a Hello 2017 post but January is the busiest month of the year at work so I’m pleased to be posting at all.

2017 Garden

January is on of my favourite times of the year in the garden process. It’s the time when you can sit with a cup of tea, garden journals and seed catalogues. You can put your dreams and ideas for the coming year down on paper in the first step to making them a reality. As this is the first full year of growing at our house I’m more excited than usual for this process. I have two 6ft x 3ft beds and one 3ft x 3ft bed to fill and I’m determined to fill them.

If I’m honest it’s actually a little overwhelming. I keep changing my mind about what to grow, where and how much I’ll need. I’m desperate to get the best use out of my space and make us as self sufficient as possible. I’ve started putting together a list of the fruit and vegetables we regularly consume as the best starting point. From there I’ll take out items that take up to much space or require more work than I can give them this year (I have my final accountancy exams in July!). Depending on how that list looks like I might add a few new things to try for fun.

As soon as my plans are finalised I’ll share it here on the blog.

Sorting the seeds

Another part of my planning process is to go through my packets of seeds. Your seeds are obviously a crucial part of the years planning and so I like to get a handle on what I have and what I need.  Plus who doesn’t love an excuse to go seed shopping?

I’ll be attending the Hereford seed swap again this year with some excess seed packets in the hope of getting some interesting new things to try. If you have a seed swap event in your area I highly recommend going along!

Other plans

If I have any hope of having a successful garden this year I need to get my greenhouse relocated from my parents house. Unfortunately, freezing temperatures of January have not been the most motivating. I’ll need to at least partly take apart the structure to get it over two fences and transport to it’s new home. It was a nightmare to put up and I’m not looking forward to it to  repeating that. Once January is out of the way though it’s going to have to be my main priority.

I’ve also been dedicating a bit of time to planning the front garden. A small patch of our outside area by the front door was ‘landscaped’ when we moved in. I use the term landscaped loosely as they essentially just put a few blocks of different plants in. They’re now overrun by weeds and a complete eye sore. I  have plans for some kind of wildlife/bee friendly flower garden but I’m worried it will look a bit messy for the front of the house.

The blog

I have some big plans for the blog this year. I want to post a lot more regularly and improve the blogs image. I’ve already started by investing in a better WordPress theme and I’m really happy with the results. What do you think? Hopefully as the year goes on you’ll be able to notice the differences starting to appear.

I’d really love to hear about your plans this year so feel free to comment or email me. Happy Growing!

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