Beautiful weekend

Beautiful weekend we had, hey?

Saturday was glorious for the majority of the day meaning a walk into town for the weekly butchers shop. On the way home I passed some examples of beautiful spring flowers.

2015- Beautiful weekend2

Fantastic right? I am well and truly in the mood for spring now. Lovely as all that was, Sunday was when the real fun started. Granted I didn’t pick the best day of the weekend but, it was still nice enough to spend all afternoon pottering around my greenhouse!

Beautiful weekend in the greenhouse

I FINALLY got around to potting on the tomatoes and Jalapenos, who were in desperate need of some more space. Now the tomatoes are a reasonable size I added a little stake to keep them secure during their growth and am leaving them out in the greenhouse (fingers crossed it’s not to cold for them).

2015 - Beautiful weekend

Jalapenos still get the luxury of the windowsill as it’s not warm enough for them out in the green house yet but they too got bigger pots. I doubt very much that we need three plants as it’s only really my OH that has any interest in chillies. If looks could kill I’d be 6 feet under with my suggestion to only keep two! I don’t think they particularly liked being moved as they went a little limp but they have bounced back.

2015 - Beautiful weekend3

If you follow my instagram you may have seen the strawberry plants I managed to get from the garden centre for £1 each! They have also received bigger pots as their roots were poking out of the bottom. Ideally I’d have just put them in their final home but I haven’t worked out where that is yet!

2015 - Beautiful weekend7

Seed sowing

I didn’t just pot plants on this weekend, there was a fair bit of seed sowing going on to:

  1. Onions –  in a seed tray to get them started, I will sow some directly outside later on too.
  2. Leeks – in toilet rolls so they can be planted directly out holders and all (if you are using toilet rolls to plant remember to snip the sides a little before planting out to make a little room).
  3. Sweet peppers – two seeds per pot (4 pots) in the hopes that ill get four good ones come up. I love Californian wonder peppers so very excited to get these started.
  4. Hot peppers – two seeds per pot (2 pots). These weren’t in the plan originally but I got some free Cayenne pepper seeds and the OH got excited.
  5. Cucumbers – one per pot (2 pots). We really don’t eat a lot of cucumbers but I do like a fresh one from the garden now and then so we’ll see how this goes.

2015 - Beautiful weekend42015 - Beautiful weekend52015 - Beautiful weekend82015 - Beautiful weekend6

Proud of the progress that was made this weekend and sit in wait for the next one to arrive. If the weathers nice I’ll be looking to build some protection around the raised bed to keep the animals (namely the cat) off so that it’s ready to start planting out some carrots and the like. Any ideas for this project would be much appreciated, happy planting!

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