First signs of progress

The first signs of progress are showing on the seeds I planted a few weeks ago…
2015 - First signs of progress

Honestly I completely forgot about my poor little leeks in the greenhouse. Work has been so busy so I won’t embarrass myself with a picture of nothing.

2015 - Tomato progress


The tomatoes first signs of progress are excellent. You can see from the first picture that there is one that is obviously ahead and one a little behind but I’m happy. I intend to build the soil up around them a little this weekend as they’re very weak looking. Since taking this photo the tomatoes have progressed massively leading me to turn off the heater on the propagator for fear that they will progress a little TOO fast (especially as I woke up to a beautiful frosty morning).

2015 - Chilli progress


The chillies were VERY touch and go in the beginning. As I had the propagator inside I decided not to switch the heater on. After a quite a few days of absolutely nothing happening I realised the vent on the bedroom window right above my little seeds wasn’t working. All the freezing air from outside was in fact raining down on the propagator.

Armed with duct tape I sealed off the vent (don’t panic there are two, I left one open for ventilation) and plugged the heater in for an extra boost of heat and soon enough signs of life started to appear (thank god, the OH was very worried).

Since this incident I have just left the heater on until all plants are a little bigger. As mentioned above this got turned off today to ensure growth slows down a little.

The wonderful growth of these first seedling has got me looking at my supplies – which are very low at the moment. I have been looking around for some good quality, cheap pots of varying sizes for potting on. I have found quite a few that suit except for final resting pots for the above chillies and tomatoes. I’m thinking I’d like a 30cm or bigger pot for each – anyone have any ideas on where to look?

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