Garden preparation

If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning then you would have seen the shocking state of my raised bed:

Garden preparation

It really is a disgrace. Due to it’s lack of use last year I’m pretty sure my parents used it as a dumping ground for old flower compost. It’s overflowing, covered in weeds and large clumps of roots. Slightly more unpleasantly my cat seems to have adopted the area as a giant litter box – Brilliant! Since my seeds have arrived I’m looking to start sowing the first batch indoors in the next couple of weeks. I wanted the garden preparation to be done before they were ready to go outside, so I decided I should bite the bullet and tidy this mess up.

The big clear up

Garden preparation

I wrapped up warm and gathered my supplies:

  • Garden waste bag
  • Fork
  • Trowel
  • General waste bag.

In hindsight, a trip to the gym before tackling this job probably wasn’t the best idea. I pushed through and managed to get it cleared.

Garden preparation

I worked from left to right lightly forking over small sections. Using my trusty trowel I separated the weeds and rubbish further. It was hard going and messy work (given the rain/snow the previous week) but a few hours later I was left with this:

Garden preparationGarden preparation(Impressive hey?)

Now that it’s clear for planting in a few months time I wanted it to stay that. Left exposed that certainly wouldn’t happen! So I devised a plan to ensure my hard work wasn’t undone. I covered the bed in layers of black bin bags (We have a recycling system here so black bin bags are no longer used for waste), I’m hoping this layer will also have the added bonus of warming the soil slightly but we’ll have to wait and see.

By the time I was finished constructing this it was getting a little late and extremely cold so it’s currently being held in place by tape and large stones. Not very attractive but it’s doing it’s job for the time being. Garden preparation success I’d say!

Garden preparation

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