Garden Progress

It’s been four weeks since my last post and I honestly couldn’t tell you where the time has gone. I have however finally made some progress in the garden to update you on.

Highs and lows

Between moving house, work and university I barely have time to breathe let alone garden. But me and the other half found a few spare moments over the bank holiday to get the potatoes planted out, Finally!

I really hope they grow. They’ve been sat in the windowsill so long I fear the worst!

I also brought some strawberry plants from B&Q to fill my second strawberry planter as all my runners from last year (bar two) have not survived my neglect at the beginning of the year. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I also bagged some bargain snapdragons!

My chillies, tomatoes and cucumber plants are being ravaged by greenfly (despite my daily attempts to get rid of the little devils!) and are making slow progress. I haven’t successful sown anything else yet either. I have plans to of course. Lots of plans. Very little action.

A few weeks ago I did go and collect a large amount of pots and tools along with all my seeds and gardening books from my parents house but due to a lack of shed (the developers still haven’t provided it yet but only to me and my neighbour I notice everyone else seems to have one) it all remains in the boot of my car, keeping dry.

The only way I can make myself feel better about the lack of progress in the garden is the continued miserable weather.

Progress Goals

Sadly my schedule isn’t getting any lighter until June but I have decided to set little goals each week to try and get somewhere! This week I will focus on:

  1. Sowing some peas and runner beans
  2. Sowing spring onions

How is everyone else’s gardening progressing?

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