Home Sweet Home; My Garden

Today I’d like to introduce you all to my garden!

Last weekend we completed on our house and received the keys. We moved everything in on Saturday and are slowly finding a place for everything. Who knew we had so much stuff?!

For the moment the house is the priority but the main things like curtains, flat packs and the kitchen are all done.

But the thing I’m most excited about of course is my garden!


The Garden

It’s not much to look at ATM (a few slabs and a bit of mud) but hopefully this summer it will really start to come together. The top 9 paving slabs will eventually house the shed that comes with the property but it hasn’t been put up yet. We also get a water butt that hasn’t arrived yet (our builders were rushing to get us completed before there year end!).

I’m really pleased at the size of the garden as I thought it was going to be much smaller and not have enough room to house my green house. Turns out there’s going to be enough room up next to the shed.

The downside to the garden is it is north east facing preventing it from getting the maximum light through out the day but we are on the end of the row of houses with no-one overlooking us from the side so hopefully it won’t be to much of a problem!


We aren’t going to have any TV or internet for a while (Joys of buying a new build!) so I’m excited to spend some of the free time drawing up plans for the garden. I would like it to be made up of raised beds for practical growing but I also want it to be pretty for visitors and BBQ’s.

I’d love any suggestions you have for the area – space saving, veggie growing, anything really!

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