Long weekend

It may not surprise you that I’m a big fan of a long weekend, but this long weekend was particularly good.

I spent a day with my mum, a day with the OH, some time with friends and had an Easter meal out with family. I then spent the entire of Monday out in the garden in the gorgeous sunshine, I even got little sunburnt! In April can you believe it?

2015 - Long weekend2

I got so much done on Monday, you’ll have to bear with me while I talk through it.

Productive day in the garden

A few weekends ago I removed the bin bag protection on my raised bed. I constructed a basic threshold with some netting in an attempt to keep the cats away – this failed. So as you can imagine the first part of my day was spent removing cat poo from the bed AGAIN.

The good news is my moaning has prompted the OH to offer to make me a proper fence as soon as he has time, yay!

The Raised bed

Once that was done I started to put up the support for the peas and runner beans that I’m planning on planting. I wanted to ensure I had enough bamboo canes, I will need a couple more as a few snapped.

2015 - Long weekend

You’ll notice I’ve also sectioned my bed up ready for my square foot planting plan! I’m very excited as it looks so organised.

Within the bed I’ve sowed the first lot of seeds for:

  • Carrots – Both Early Nantes 5 and Autumn King 2
  • Leeks – Both Lyon and Elefant
  • Parsnips
  • Perpetual spinach
  • Beetroot

2015 - Longweekend3

I’ll be successionally sowing all of these to ensure plants are ready to eat at different times.

The Greenhouse

In the afternoon I set about potting on some of the seedlings that needed more room such as the cucumbers and various chilli and pepper plants. I’ve kept the weaker seedlings for the time being to see if they improve, if they do I’ll be taking them over to my Grampy to have first pick as he’s been moving house and had no time to start anything off.

I sowed some runner beans and some peas into pots, they could have gone straight out into the garden but I know well enough that this nice weather may not necessarily last as long as I’d like so they’re inside for the time being.

2015 - Long weekend6

Some spring onions and salad leaves have been sown into troughs. I may see if I can bring them over to the back door for easy access as I’m much more likely to use them if they’re very easy to get at.

2015 - Long weekend8

My onions have finally shown themselves and should be ready to plant out in a few weeks.

2015 - Long weekend4

Lastly I sowed a few sunflowers, I may have mentioned before that they’re my favourite flower. I’m growing a short variety like I did last year as they were beautiful!

2015 - long weekend9

I also started to tidy the place up, it was filled with pots and planters that were sheltering from the winter weather and  a ton of leaves had got in. It’s looking a lot better and I even washed the walls down (the ones I could reach anyway!).

2015 - Long weekend7

What did everyone else get done this over the long weekend?

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