Potato growing adventure

Part of the reason I started my blog was to meet like minded people. Share tips and advice and meet some gardening friends as I don’t know anyone (other than my grandparents) that are really interested in growing.

My boyfriend has always supported my hobby as he loves the idea of fresh healthy food. But something about the thought of having our own little garden in the near future has inspired him deeper into the growing world. He has decided to be the potato grower of our family.

First steps

We took a trip to the garden centre a few weeks ago and whilst there we had a look around the seed potatoes that were available.  His favourite that we’d seen a few weeks earlier were gone. From the little knowledge I had on seed potatoes we selected 6 second early (planted a little later than first early and before main crop) potatoes that were slug and disease resistant and good for all kinds of cooking (according to the label anyway).

We also purchased a purpose built potato growing bag like this one. It’ll have pride of place on our new patio, and once we’ve moved house next week it will be almost time to plant them out I think.

Currently the seed potatoes are sat in an egg box in the bedroom windowsill, happily chitting away. The gentlemen in the garden centre said the sprouts needed to be a few inches long but they don’t seem to have made much progress since we brought them (as you can see from the picture).

We are both very excited for our own harvest of potatoes this summer! I promise to share with you all any success/failure that we have.

Help us!

Growing potatoes is a first for both of us and although I have researched online nothing beats a bit of first hand experience so if anyone has any advice/tips please share as we’d both appreciate the help!


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