Seed Arrival

Vegetable seeds

My seeds are here! Isn’t that a brilliant site, almost as satisfying as the first signs of growth on your seedlings…almost.

So, for those of you that are curious these are the selections I have made for this year:

  • Courgette – F1 Green Bush
  • Runner Bean – Scarlet Emperor
  • Broccoli – F1 Stromboli
  • Carrot – Early Nantes 5 and Autumn King 2 (Autumn King 2 weren’t from Suttons as I already had a pack)
  • Onion – Bedfordshire Champion
  • Leek – Lyon
  • Peppers – Californian Wonder
  • Peas – Early Onward (I haven’t purchased these yet as i’m pretty sure I can get them cheaper than they were on Suttons website)

How I choose seeds

Now to be honest there weren’t many factors in the selection process of the varieties. Once I’d considered the vegetables I wanted to grow and the vegetables I could grow in the space I had  the only remaining factors for me were:

1. Cost

I’m an accountant, so for me cost is key. Low initial costs + large savings from the produce = one happy Becky.

2. Popularity. reliability and reviews

Of course low-cost isn’t always the best or most reliable item, so I looked for the most popular cheaper varieties followed by some research into customer and fellow garden bloggers reviews. A few, such as Autumn King 2 Carrots and Californian Wonder Peppers I have grown before with success so they made the list.

3. Harvest period

I like a long harvest period. And I don’t like to wait months for that period to begin after I’ve planted. Obviously, with some plants this is unavoidable but so far as I can that is what I look for in my varieties. As I’ve previously said my goal is to maximise good produce and lower costs, and this system works for me.

I have a few other things I’m going to grow in containers such as tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies that i already have seeds for.

This month I’ll be sowing Gardener’s Delight tomatoes, Jalapeno chillies and Lyon leeks. So what seeds have you ordered or planning to grow this year?

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