Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely we have progress.

It was pretty miserable this weekend so I didn’t get a chance to do much outside however, some of the things I sowed the weekend before are really coming along nicely so I thought I’d do a picture update:

Slowly but surely…..PANSIES

2015 -Slowly but surelyDozens of tiny little pansies showing themselves

Surely but slowly….Peppers and chillies

2015 - Slowly but surely 52015 - Slowly but surely42015 - Slowly but surely 72015 - Slowly but surely 6Some still have their little seed hats!

Surely but slowly…..Cucumbers

2015 - Slowly but surely32015 - Slowly but surely2Savings the best till last, look at them grow!

In other news, the tomatoes were not enjoying the still cold weathers even in the greenhouse so they have been allowed the luxury of returning to the house. I think I may need to look at the position of the greenhouse as I don’t think it is getting any of the few hours of sun that we do get.

Also still no signs of the leeks and onions (but this could be to do with the greenhouse issue above).

Hopefully ill be moving on to planting straight out into the bed this weekend! How is everyone one else’s gardens coming along this spring?

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