Summer vibe

Did everyone enjoy the summer vibe this weekend? Glorious sunshine and gardening, that’s what I call a good weekend.

Goal update

Last week I set myself two goals in the hopes that I might get some seeds sown:

  1. Sow some runner beans and peas
  2. Sow some spring onions

I’m pleased to say the first goal was achieved I now have six pots of both runners and peas in my windowsill.

Sadly goal two was abandoned, not because I didn’t have time but because I did some other tasks that needed doing:

  • Strawberry planter set up
  • Tomatoes plants potted on
  • Cucumbers resown
  • Bargain snapdragons planted

So although the original goals weren’t all met I’m pretty pleased with the weekends work!

Greenfly problems

I’m sad to report most of my original seeds, chillies, peppers and cucumbers, have been wiped out from greenfly. I did my best to save them with daily removals of the beasts but it’s time to admit defeat.

I have resown some cucumbers and I may have to purchase some pepper plants from the garden centre.

I managed to save the tomatoes and have potted them on to encourage some healthy growth.

It’s been a bit of a nightmare year garden wise so far but I’m feeling positive after this weekend.

This weeks goals are:

  1. Sow sweetcorn
  2. Sow courgettes
  3. Sow spring onions

Let’s hope the summer vibe continues! What are your gardening goals? 

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