Weekend away

We’ve been so busy this month and last weekend was no exception. Me and the OH had a weekend away visiting some of his family up in Preston. It’s a really lovely part of the world and there’s plenty to do around there.

Barton Grange

2015 - Weekend away2

It has to be said that Saturday was probably my ideal day, we spent the morning looking round a garden centre called Barton Grange, winner of the Garden Centre Association award for Best Destination Garden Centre 2014.

It had everything. There was a brilliant cookware shop with every gadget and gizmo you could ever think to need for the Kitchen, there was homeware and plants, BBQ’s and Furniture, a huge selection of plants, flowers and vegetables and a top notch butchers store. Oh not forgetting the Cafe – Fantastic blueberry scones!

Everything was beautifully presented; just look at some of the displays:

2015 - Weekend away2015 - Weekend away32015 - Weekend away52015 - Weekend away62015 - Weekend away72015 - Weekend away8

I am absolutely in love with the watering can flower pot display.  In all honesty my poor photography skills (I was VERY excited) just don’t do it justice. Unfortunately for me most things were a little out of my price range.

Saturday afternoon

On our way back to the house we stopped at another littler garden centre (with prices much more up my street), i’m afraid i didn’t catch the name of it and i didn’t take a single photo. I loved it that much i didn’t even think to stop and snap a pic.

There were several large, long glass greenhouses filled with benches with rows of neatly potted flowers and veggie plants. It’s run by a gentleman that does all of the planting himself (I saw him in action).  He even puts together hanging baskets that you can purchase.

All the signs are handmade and theres plenty of fresh produce for sale in the shop. I tell you i was beside myself, it was without a doubt one of my favourite gardening stores, it’s a shame its so far away.

I brought myself two flower plants; a Madeira and a Scaevola at a bargain price of £2.30 and back home we headed.

The afternoon was spent planting out vegetables and potting up flowers, whilst drinking a chilled glass of wine – Pure bliss. How could it get any better than that you ask? Well we were carefully watched by the neighbouring Alpacka

2015 - Weeked away9

There can’t possibly be more

We cycled to the pub for a drink, we had a BBQ, we made the most AMAZING jam doughnuts and indulged in a beef roast. I even managed to get a fair bit of my revision for Uni done.

When i got home i discovered there were signs of growth on everything i’d planted the other week and my strawberry plants are starting to flower.

2015 - Weekend away102015 - Weekend away112015 - Weekend away12

What did everyone get up to on the weekend?

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